First let me say, I know COVID-19 has been horrible for the people who have lost loved ones and those who suffer from the lingering side effects of this virus. I am certainly not making light of the gravity of the situation.

For the past nine years I was working full time and traveling about seventy-five percent of my work life so when the pandemic put the brakes on my travel, I was a little elated…that is until I realized our dog wakes up two to three times per night, every night…

Research shows that over 50 million American adults experience chronic pain in their day-to-day lives. However, with the opioid epidemic growing rapidly and doctors being reluctant to prescribe heavy-duty prescription painkillers, your pain relief options are somewhat limited. …

Allana Pinkerton

Certified NASM Nutrition Coach with a focus on Grain Free, Lectin Free & Sugar Free Living. Lost 65 lbs. & Eliminated medications for Fibromyalgia and arthritis

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